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In 2009 Maya Dada Malas succumbed to her profound passion for fashion and trendy bags. With her Bachelors in Marketing and Diploma in Design as her base and her innovative spirit as the spark, she launched her brand in Dubai. It began as a celebration of vibrant colors and exceptional quality. The perfect fusion of modern allure and timeless classical chic.



Thank you for choosing one of my designs.Seeing MAYA.M grow was a creative and happy journey.Each MAYA.M bag is handcrafted to perfection and is the result of inspired dreams.

~ Maya Dada Malas

The Creation

MAYA.M merges talented craftsmanship with flawless finishing touches to make a statement. Hand-cut premium quality fabrics and leather are at its core.The way every element is put together creates an exquisite masterpiece. Attention to detail abounds with each bag coming with a protective satin bag.

The Evolution

MAYA.M is a tale of elegance and trend-setting design. Each item has an identity of its own.
MAYA.M is an exclusive collection of handmade handbags that are inspired by dreams, colored by the world and styled by experience.